Travelling in style: Six creative ideas for packaging a fuel card as a gift

30 August 2017
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Gift cards can seem like a last minute present, but with a little presentation and pizazz they can make a very thoughtful gift. Check out these six clever ideas for packaging a fuel card or voucher for a special and practical present. A bookmark in a travel guide If you're gifting a fuel car to a friend or family member who's caught the travel bug, a personalised way of presenting the gift is to slip it into a travel guide! Read More 

3 Reasons Backpackers Should Use an Airport Shuttle Service Instead of Public Transportation

10 January 2017
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It used to be that backpackers would cross the vast distances of Australia by hitchhiking or by renting a van, but the explosion in budget airlines has made it far more economical, not to mention convenient, to fly. You can now make it between most cities without having to spend much at all, though you will need to make sure you can arrive on time. Here are just three reasons why backpackers should use an airport shuttle service instead of trusting public transportation. Read More 

Family Funeral: The Benefits of Hiring a Bus

14 October 2016
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When a family member passes away, extended family will often travel from across the country in order to say goodbye and offer comfort to each other. If you have a particularly large extended family, you may be wondering how you will deal with the logistics of getting everyone to and from the memorial service and wake. Hiring a bus may be the ideal solution. Below is a guide to the benefits of bus hire when organising a family funeral. Read More 

Track And Manage: 2 FAQs For Start-Up Freight Transporters

31 May 2016
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There's often a widely-held misconception that fleet tracking systems and fleet management software applications are reserved for established freight transport companies, which have a large number of freight vehicles in their fleet. Thanks to this misconception, some start-up freight transport companies shy away from investing in fleet tracking systems and fleet management software applications. This article answers two questions on the mentioned topic in a bid to dismiss this misconception. Read More 

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Choosing a Refrigerated Truck for Your Goods

6 May 2016
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When you need to transport perishable goods such as foodstuff and medicine, you will want to look for refrigerated transport carrier services. However, the challenge will be finding the perfect refrigerated transport carrier or truck because there are many types of these trucks that are suitable for different types of perishable goods. For this reason, you need to pay attention to some factors to help you find the best for your needs. Read More