What You Need To Keep In Mind When Choosing a Refrigerated Truck for Your Goods

6 May 2016
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When you need to transport perishable goods such as foodstuff and medicine, you will want to look for refrigerated transport carrier services. However, the challenge will be finding the perfect refrigerated transport carrier or truck because there are many types of these trucks that are suitable for different types of perishable goods.

For this reason, you need to pay attention to some factors to help you find the best for your needs. Therefore, here are some of these factors and the tips to help you through the selection process.

Evaluate the Loading and Unloading System of the Truck

The loading and unloading system of the truck has an impact on the safety of the goods and the ease of handling by the operators. You don't want a system that will require too many people or operators to load or unload the goods because this will translate to high labour costs. In addition, the loading and unloading mechanism should minimise damages to your goods. Therefore, look for a truck with tailgate loaders, meat hooks, and rails.

Look For a Refrigerated Truck That Allows For Temperature Zoning

There are different temperature specifications for different goods being transported. Some goods will have to be chilled or frozen. Therefore, you want to look for a transport truck that has a distinct temperature zoning system. Such trucks usually have inner partitions that can be set to various temperatures during the transportation.

Look At the Systems of Protection

Find out whether the truck has any systems of protection in place to ensure that your perishables will be delivered safely. You want your goods to be protected from damages caused by jostling during the transport. Therefore, you want to look for a refrigerated truck with a superior suspension system to reduce the effects of jostling caused by different road conditions.

Look for a Truck That's Partitioned to Transport Different Goods

While different goods require different temperature specifications, some goods or products can't be transported together. For instance, you don't expect meat to be transported in the same containers as fish. Similarly, medical goods will have to be transported alone. For this reason, make sure the truck you are using has been partitioned well to accommodate such goods.

Choosing the right truck means ensuring safety and durability of your goods. Therefore, acting on these tips will help you find the most suitable refrigerated transport truck for your perishables.