Track And Manage: 2 FAQs For Start-Up Freight Transporters

31 May 2016
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There's often a widely-held misconception that fleet tracking systems and fleet management software applications are reserved for established freight transport companies, which have a large number of freight vehicles in their fleet.

Thanks to this misconception, some start-up freight transport companies shy away from investing in fleet tracking systems and fleet management software applications. This article answers two questions on the mentioned topic in a bid to dismiss this misconception.

How Expensive Is It Not To Invest In Fleet Tracking Systems And Management Software?

Fuel management is a concern for both start-up transporters and for their established counterparts. Investing in a fleet tracking system can effect a marked improvement in fuel management for a freight company.

Various factors can contribute to the inefficient use of fuel in a freight transport company. Examples of these factors include the failure of freight vehicle operators to stick to the recommended routes, pilferage and the effect of traffic jams along transit routes.

An active fleet tracking system (for example) will allow a freight transporter to get real-time updates with respect to the location of freight vehicles. It's unlikely that freight vehicle drivers will take detours and/or make un-necessary stop-overs when fully aware that their location is constantly being monitored.

A web-based fleet management software application will interpret the real-time data recorded by the active tracking system and make this data available to the freight transporter wherever he or she can get access to the internet. For example, the management software application will give an estimate of the amount of fuel consumed when a freight vehicle is stuck in traffic. The system does this by analyzing the model of the freight transport vehicle, its weight (including that of transit goods), its average fuel consumption and the amount of time spent stuck in traffic. Thus, freight vehicle drivers are forced to be honest about fuel consumption for all trips.

Why Would It Be Cheaper To Invest In Tracking Systems And Management Software Now?

Fleet tracking systems and fleet management software applications are designed with growth in mind. That's why they're made to allow for the easy installation of upgrades in accordance with the (often) sure but slow growth that is characteristic of freight transport companies.

Many times, it's cheaper for freight transporters to upgrade an existing tracking system/management software application when the size of their fleet increases, than it is for the same transporter to install a new tracking system/management software application after the fleet size has already increased.