3 Reasons Backpackers Should Use an Airport Shuttle Service Instead of Public Transportation

10 January 2017
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It used to be that backpackers would cross the vast distances of Australia by hitchhiking or by renting a van, but the explosion in budget airlines has made it far more economical, not to mention convenient, to fly. You can now make it between most cities without having to spend much at all, though you will need to make sure you can arrive on time.

Here are just three reasons why backpackers should use an airport shuttle service instead of trusting public transportation.

1. You Have a Schedule to Keep

Using an airport shuttle service is going to be far more reliable than going with public transportation. If buses are delayed early in the day, this can have a knock-on effect, so you might find yourself waiting too long to be picked up. A shuttle service has to maintain a good reputation, so they make sure they're reliable.

Of course, reliability is always important, but it's even more important for backpackers. Most will be on a relatively tight schedule, with hostel rooms and activities already booked, missing a flight can see you missing out on great experiences or having to pay out extra for a hotel when hostels are filled up.

2. You Might Need Longer to Reach Your Gate

One of the most annoying issues that backpackers face is that it can take longer to get through the airport baggage and security stations. For one thing, backpacks often need to be classed as unusually shaped luggage, so you might need to spend more time hanging around in a separate queue to have your luggage checked and tagged. You'll also have to separate out everything you need for the flight from belongings that are meant to cover you for months at a time.

3. You Get to Sit Down

Backpackers sacrifice a certain degree of comfort in order to be able to save money and travel for longer, and that lack of comfort can become wearing. This means that you want your journeys to be as comfort as possible, and airport shuttle services will always have a seat for you since you arranged the service in advance. It isn't uncommon to find yourself standing for the whole journey when you take public transportation. Additionally, you'll need to transport your large, heavy load to the nearest stop instead of being picked up right at your accommodation by a dedicated shuttle service.