Travelling in style: Six creative ideas for packaging a fuel card as a gift

30 August 2017
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Gift cards can seem like a last minute present, but with a little presentation and pizazz they can make a very thoughtful gift. Check out these six clever ideas for packaging a fuel card or voucher for a special and practical present.

A bookmark in a travel guide

If you're gifting a fuel car to a friend or family member who's caught the travel bug, a personalised way of presenting the gift is to slip it into a travel guide! Take the time to find a great, topical and up-to-date travel guide relevant to the gift receiver's travel interests- Bali, Vanuatu and Europe are always fail safe options for any keen traveller's library.

Passenger in a toy car

A novel gift idea for the young at heart, popping a fuel card in a toy car can make for a sweet, themed present. To individualise it, consider purchasing a realistic model of the recipient's favourite car! This way, not only will they get the practical gift of fuel for a scenic drive, they'll also have a special keepsake- especially if you splash out and find a collector's edition scale model of a classic Australian car.

Flying high in a paper plane

Make a jumbo paper jet with colourful cardboard, and tuck a fuel card into the paper folds for unique and playful packaging! For a darling way to share your gift, fly the plane into the room for a special delivery!

Snuggled in with some travel snacks

No road trip is complete without the perfect travel snacks. Why not grab an assortment of your gift recipient's favourite sweet and savoury snack foods and package them in a decorative mason jar. Slip a generous fuel gift card in amongst the snacks for a considerate, munchable gift.

Featuring in a gift basket of goodies

Everyone loves a good gift basket, and it's a truly failsafe gift idea- it's pretty unlikely that there won't be something in there that the recipient won't enjoy. For a cool car-themed gift basket, tuck your fuel card in alongside some decent car detailing supplies, a nice keychain or sun visor, and the latest edition of their favourite car magazine.

Combined for the ultimate travel adventure

If you're planning a gift for the future road tripper, combine a fuel card with a few other gift cards to turn their trip into a super special journey! Consider throwing in a hotel or accommodation voucher, meal voucher and even an adventure sports gift certificate, such as hang gliding, swimming with the sharks or a hot lap on their favourite racetrack.

To purchase a Shell fuel card for a thoughtful, travel-inspired gift, or even just for yourself, contact your local Shell supplier.