Operator Tractor Parts Every Farm Owner Should Invest In

6 May 2016
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A tractor is like the workhorse of a farm; it does much more than just reaping and tilling, but can also tow just about anything you need to move around the farm and can also help with feeding the cattle and caring for the lawn. While you may invest in lots of parts and accessories for your tractor to use it to its fullest potential, you want to think about your own comfort and safety as well. Note a few tractor parts that affect you, the operator, that every farm owner should invest in.

1. Canopy

Never underestimate the damaging rays of the sun when working in the summertime, and a canopy can also protect you from rain and a light snowfall, allowing you to work in comfort no matter the time of year. A canopy can also add to your safety as it can help protect you from debris and dust that may fly around when you're working with the tractor. If your tractor doesn't have an enclosed cab or a canopy already, consider adding one.

2. Suspension seating

Suspension seating can go a long way toward keeping you comfortable when in the tractor, and like being exposed to the sun, you don't want to underestimate the health risks of being jostled and bumped when in the tractor. Without suspension seating to absorb those bumps, you could suffer damage to your hips, back, knees, and shoulders very easily.

3. Extended mirrors

For safety when working on the farm, opt for oversized extended mirrors. These can allow you to see any potential blinds spots you would otherwise have when on the tractor. This can ensure that you don't overlook any obstacles that could topple the tractor and also helps you to monitor your progress when you're tilling, reaping, or using any equipment at the back of the tractor.

4. Refrigerator

It may seem like a small thing, but it can make your farming much more difficult when you need to stop every few hours and get some refreshments. However, when working in the heat of summertime, having water or an energy drink or even a protein shake on hand can actually keep you safe and healthy. A plug-in refrigerator can mean having a beverage right with you, and can also mean being able to keep items like medication, skin cream, and other such healthcare products cool and safe for you to use when working the farm.