Family Funeral: The Benefits of Hiring a Bus

14 October 2016
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When a family member passes away, extended family will often travel from across the country in order to say goodbye and offer comfort to each other. If you have a particularly large extended family, you may be wondering how you will deal with the logistics of getting everyone to and from the memorial service and wake. Hiring a bus may be the ideal solution. Below is a guide to the benefits of bus hire when organising a family funeral.

Everyone arrives at the same time

if family members all travel to the memorial service or funeral from different locations, it is likely they will arrive at different times. It is even possible that if a family member is not familiar with the local area, they may become lost and be late arriving at the funeral home. This can create unnecessary stress on a day that will be distressing anyway. 

Everyone gets home safely

If you have decided to have a traditional wake for your loved one, it is likely that alcohol will be consumed as people remember the life of your loved one and to help them through their grief. Even if people do not drink alcohol, a funeral is an extremely emotional occasion, which can make concentrating on driving difficult. By hiring a bus which has a dedicated and sober driver, you will not have to worry about family members driving while drunk or finding themselves unable to get back to their home or hotel safely.

It is an affordable option

If your family members have travelled a great distance and paid for hotels, it is likely they have spent a great deal of money already. Because bus hire is relatively inexpensive and because the cost is spread across a large number of people, hiring a bus can help to remove any financial pressure around attending the funeral. If you do not hire a bus, family members may have to pay for taxis to get to and from the funeral service and wake which could be an expensive affair.

It brings people together

Rather than travelling in small groups or alone to the funeral, travelling by coach can help to keep everyone together. This provides a chance for family members to offer support to each other as you all get through this difficult day.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of hiring a bus, contact a bus hire company today.