How to Select Refrigerated Transport to Distribute Your Produce

26 March 2018
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Are you planning to start distributing fresh foods to different retail outlets in your area? Read on and discover some of the features of the best refrigerated transport service providers. Use this information to screen potential service providers before you select a transporter for your products.

Automatic Temperature Records

Food should be kept at the right temperature until it reaches its destination. Transporters ensure that the temperature is correct in several ways. For example, some companies instruct the drivers to stop and check the thermometer in the refrigerated truck periodically. Other companies have systems through which the temperature within the truck is recorded automatically during transit. An alarm then alerts the driver in case the temperature has deviated from the set range. Opt for a transporter with an automated system to track the temperature because less time will be lost as drivers check the temperature manually.

Loading and Offloading Protocols

You should also select a refrigerated transport company that has strict protocols governing how contamination can be avoided when food is being loaded or offloaded from the trucks. For example, the transport company should have a checklist that is used to confirm that the packaging is intact when products are being loaded or offloaded. Such documentation ensures that safety standards are adhered to each time your products are loaded or offloaded from a truck.


It is also helpful for you to select a trucking company that can give you real-time updates about where the truck transporting your cargo is at any time. This will reassure you that the refrigerated truck hasn't taken any detours that can unnecessarily prolong the time when your products are in transit. You can also be alerted about any delays so that you keep customers informed.

Non-Conformance Records

Request to see the non-conformance records of the trucking companies competing to provide refrigerated transport services to your company. Non-conformance records capture any incidents when the set protocols have not been met during any step of the chain. Such records help the company to take the appropriate corrective measures to prevent a recurrence of non-conformance events. Trucking companies without such records aren't good because they often lack a proactive way to prevent future problems.

Remember to specify the type of refrigerated trucks that you need once you have found the company that meets the requirements above. For example, request trucks with various temperature zones if the different products cannot be transported at the same temperature setting.

Contact distribution facilities in your area for additional information.