Great Game Ideas for Your Next Long Bus Trip

29 November 2018
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Everyone has confirmed their attendance, the bus charter has been booked, and you're about to set off. Whether it's a family trip, a community organisation or sport team outing, you need to consider the fact that everyone might be on the bus for a while. A bus isn't a plane, and there isn't generally a screen in the seat directly in front of you (with flight attendants bringing peanuts and drinks as desired), so perhaps you should consider a few fun group activities to help pass the journey.

For Those Who Don't Want to Participate

The first thing is to remember that not everyone will want to participate in any group activities. Modern technology can come to the rescue, and some members of your group might be content to watch something on their phone or tablet. You can help to meet these needs by arranging a charter bus that has onboard WiFi. But what about those who want to join in the fun and games?

Best Bus Games

Of course the motion of the bus rules out a number of possible activities, so you can forget about bus charades (and there isn't the room anyway). So what are some choices that can keep everyone safely in their respective seats?

  • Trivia can spark the competitive spirit, and if everyone pairs up with their seatmate, it can also encourage networking. The game could be themed, such as if you're all on your way to a sporting event, the questions could be sport related. A small prize should be provided.
  • Bus-based bingo can offer retro fun, again with a small prize. You'll need to pick up some bingo cards and a miniature wire cage bingo spinner. You could even familiarise yourself with bingo slang for calling the numbers.
  • The yes or no game is an oldie but a goodie, and it is ideal for smaller groups. All you need is Post-It notes and a pen. Everyone scribbles down the name of a well-known figure (fictional or real) and affixes it to the forehead of another member of the group. You then have to decipher the name of the well-known figure stuck to your forehead by asking questions which can only be answered with yes or no.
  • It might be disruptive for anyone who wants to sit quietly and read, but what about bus karaoke? It could be a good bet for the journey home, particularly if your event involved the consumption of alcohol, so ask your bus charter company if the vehicle has a suitable sound system.

So when a phone or tablet isn't going to cut the mustard on your next bus group trip, these games will make the trip truly tremendous.