Questions To Ask A Bus Hire Company

12 August 2021
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Bus hire is an instant solution to people attending events or going on road trips in groups. Travelling in one vehicle ensures you all arrive on time. Besides, it reduces the environmental impact of using many cars at once. So, how do you hire a bus? Below are some questions to ask your bus hire company as you rent a bus. 

What Buses Are Available? 

Your primary objective would be to assess whether the rental company has a bus that suits your needs. Typically, the company will want to know the number of people travelling and whether you will have a lot of luggage on board. It will help determine the basic features of the bus; seating capacity and luggage space. Since you will want value for your money, check whether the bus has additional features to increase your comfort. It could be reclining seats, a sound system, washroom or LED screens. 

How Long Can You Use The Bus? 

More often than not, you will have a travel itinerary for your trip. However, unforeseen conditions could compel you to extend your trip. For instance, if you had gone camping, poor weather could force you to spend an extra day at the camp. Therefore, you need to know whether the hiring company will allow you to extend the rental period.   

What Should You Avoid When Using The Bus? 

Bus rental companies will prohibit dangerous and irresponsible behaviour that could damage the company's reputation or risk the lives of passengers. For instance, passengers would not be allowed to carry guns and drugs on board. Besides, they should not attempt to drive or fiddle with the bus controls when the driver is not around. The driver has the right to terminate the trip if they cannot tame passengers. It ensures everyone abides by these rules. 

What Are The Charges? 

The bus rental company will give you a quote for the bus hire charges. Ideally, you should compare this quote against that of companies offering a similar service. It gives you the upper hand during negotiations since you are well aware of the current market rates. You should also check the extra charges. For example, the company could charge more if you make many stops, change the original route or return the bus later than agreed. In some cases, you will also incur a cleaning charge. Knowing these extra charges will help you as you plan the trip. 

When interviewing a bus hire company, inquire about the available buses, how long you can use the bus, prohibited activities and the charges.