Heavy Haulage 101: How Haulage Companies Move Pre-Built Homes

4 May 2022
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Pre-built homes have become a trend in recent years. Typically, it is an arrangement where you purchase a built house and move it to your land. It prevents the hassles of constructing a home and is a cost-saving alternative to buying a residential property. 

Heavy haulage companies are a vital aspect of the pre-built home buying process. Ideally, the companies transport the house from its current location to your property. This extract details the various assessments made by heavy haulage companies when moving pre-built homes. 

Initial Assessments

The haulage company visits your land to determine the challenge the crew is likely to experience when offloading and installing the house. For instance, you may need to conduct preparation works such as digging a foundation or laying a slab to ensure the house lands on a stable surface. Moreover, the company examines the accessibility of the property. For example, you might need to remove a fence to ensure the property is accessible to the haulage truck. Finally, the company examines risks such as trees and electrical wires that could prevent the crew from using cranes when offloading the house. 

Load Assessments 

The haulage crew then examines the house to determine its weight, size and dimensions. These assessments determine whether the house needs dismantling before moving. If it does, the company deploys an experienced team to dismantle the house into two or more sections. You need not worry about the structural integrity of the dismantled section. The haulage crew uses bracing to keep the various elements intact during dismantling, transport and installation.

Road Assessments 

The company's next task is to determine how to move the house from the dealer's premises to your plot. First, the haulage crew identifies a route with low traffic and wide roads. It prevents traffic snarl-ups during transport. The team also examines the proposed road to identify overhead risks such as bridges, unpaved sections and steep slopes. The company also checks the weather forecast to ensure the load is transported in favourable weather.  

Heavy haulage regulations also determine the road that the company can use and when the oversized load can be moved. In most cases, oversized loads are moved from sunset to sunrise. Therefore, the company creates a transport plan detailing the speed of the haulage convoy, the pit stops the convoy will make, and where the convoy will make a final stop before it can resume transport at sunset. 

When transporting homes, haulage companies examine your property, the load and the convoy's route.